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What Coastal Geology can do for you



The past is the key to the future This is a proper slogan for the development of paleogeographic reconstructions and prognostic scenarios. They enable us to make statements on possible changes of coastlines in the past and in the next future. Which geological processes influence the development in a specific coastal district? Which regions are affected by a rising sea level? In which areas is a reliable long-time planning of human activities still possible at all?

But not large-scale observations are important alone Also the evaluation of the coasts stability and of the potential thread by retreating cliffs is an important help by coastal geology delivered for single projects and specific tasks. A geological field study based on sedimentological, geomarine, quarternary and engineering geological experience results in data sets, which answer urgent questions rising during investments at the coast.

The coasts are in a state of permanent natural change. Every human impact, every construction at the coast let it be harbour constructions or coastal protection measures leads to interactions with sediment dynamic processes. Numerical model calculations of the effects of human activities on the natural sediment budget result in an integrated view on the local situation. An aimed effect at one part of the coast can result in negative consequences in unexpected areas. Thus optimizing coastal protection measures and construction plans in coastal areas is a prerequisite for avoiding unexpected risks. The same applies for the management of dredging and dumping sediments, for example from harbour channels and basins.

For spatial planning in coastal areas for an Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) recommendations on the basis of geoscientific expertise are essential, especially in the fields of coastal protection and sediment dynamics and incorporated in a Geographical Information System (GIS). A sustainable and environmentally compatible handling of coastal areas is not possible without coastal geology!